On the edge of the Via Augusta, the Mediterranean corridor of the Roman Empire, halfway between Cartago Nova and Illici, the Roman villa of Thiar is the oldest mention made of a historic settlement in the area of Pilar de la Horadada. From that distant time, it was safe to find a house for sale in Las Higuericas beach Spain.

Located in the region of Vega Baja del Segura, at the southern tip of the province of Alicante Spain, on the border with Murcia, it was linked to Orihuela from the time of the Visigothic Teodorico. And it is not until 1986, when the Council of the Valencian Autonomy segregates a part of the municipal term of this population, to constitute an independent municipality with the denomination of Pilar de la Horadada Spain.

The origin of its name is due to one of the numerous watchtowers – La Horadada– that from the time of the Reconquest were common in the region to sight possible enemies and defend themselves from the attacks of the Barbary pirates.

The beginning of the economic boom of Pilar de la Horadada, like that of the entire region, has a lot to do with the Tajo Segura transfer, which allowed expanding the area of intensive agriculture through irrigation. This resulted in an increase in population that resulted in the aforementioned segregation of the primitive district of Orihuela. Situation that the arrival of the tourism and the height of the construction of second residences has not done but to increase, having already a population that surpasses the 22,000 habitants.



TAll this population is based in new neighborhoods that have as their origin the old farmhouses – Los Sáez, Los Villenas, Los Segundas, Las Casicas … – so that in reality there is no population center proper. Similar situation, but with another economy, occurs in the four kilometers of coastline available in the municipality. There, the most important nucleus is Torre de la Horadada, which has modern tourist developments such as Mil Palmeras, El Mojón and Pueblo Latino. In all of them it is possible to find a house for sale in Las Higuericas beach in Torre de la Horadada like the one you are looking for.

The diversity of the four kilometers of coastline is very striking and we can find from extensive beaches of golden sand, to small coves little frequented in its rocky cliffs. The beaches of Las Higuericas, Mil Palmeras and Las Villas are the best known and all have the characteristic of being quiet beaches and safe bathing.

The Beach of Las Higuericas Spain

The Beach of Las Higuericas, which has the desired blue distinction since 1994, is located in an urban environment in which the villas and developments have a very special category. Of fine and golden sand it has a length of almost one kilometer and a half with a width of 80 meters, which makes it a very comfortable beach. If we add a good seafront and a delimited parking area, along with all the necessary services and restaurants, we have possibly the best beach on the coast

And this is how all visitors perceive that they decide to settle down for a few months or forever in their vicinity and look for a house for sale in Las Higuericas Spain beach.

Pilar de la Horadada is strategically located on the border of Murcia and Alicante, 37 kilometers from Cartagena, just over 50 from Murcia and just 68 from Alicante, with the San Javier airport nearby.