Calpe in Alicante into one of the most important tourist centers of the Levantine coast

The history of Calpe is irremediably linked to the Peñón de Ifach, a calcareous massif 332 meters high, from which on good days it is possible to see the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. And if from the ground we can reach so many miles, surely it was a point of reference for all the primitive Mediterranean navigators.

Already the Iberians inhabited their skirts and have left necrópolis and towns for our history. They were like almost always the Romans – who were the first to have houses for sale on the beach of Calpe Alicante, those who settled in the area known as «The Baths of the Queen» by launching farms and fisheries based on the garum .

The Arabs, who remained in the area for more than 500 years, built the first defensive structure -the castle of Calpe- over which, paradoxically, other fortifications would be built to defend themselves against their descendants from Tunisia and Algeria.

Because this was one of the great problems for Calpe to develop as a population between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, the danger of the presence of «Moors on the coast» that had its maximum expression when in 1637, with a population, that already had defensive walls, was assaulted by the Berber pirates and the 350 inhabitants, who were supposed to, were taken as slaves to no less than 290, those who held prisoners in Algiers until families or religious orders paid their ransoms .

A cosmopolitan and open city

But all that was left behind and today only a few remnants of watch towers are reminiscent of those haphazard times, in which people lived on bonfires in the beacons.

Calpe began to grow at the first step of the fishing activity and then, as in the whole Costa Blanca, for the expansion of tourism. Phenomenon that had already antecedent in the pre-war era, with the construction of many little hotels and houses for sale on the beach of Calpe Alicante during the summer. But what arrived had little to do with that and turned Calpe, Alicante into one of the most important tourist centers of the Levantine coast, a cosmopolitan and open population center, with the British as the first foreign group. Because many arrived, they bought houses to live in the Calpe beach and they stayed.

Nature has been very generous with Calpe, and the Mediterranean blue has given it some of the best beaches and coves of the coast, such as the famous Playa de la Fossa or Levante, which extends its golden sand for more than two kilometers north of the population, with many houses for sale on the beach of Calpe bordering the entire area. But do not forget that for diving enthusiasts we find coves with crystal clear waters, such as Cala de El Racó or Basetes, where you can enjoy the many days of sun that characterize Calpe.

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